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Security Engineer, Maker, Soldier, Improviser ( Estonian flag )


We wrote a song...

Puzzle box Christmas gift

A Christmas present with a twist - to get the gift, you'll have to hack the giftbox

eCoop open redirect and XSS on login page

Accepting unvalidated user-input in redirect URL-s can result in security issues

Buspad kiosk breakout

Evading kiosk mode in Android tablets in bus entertainment system

Secure Christmas

When security engineers send Christmas cards...

1u OpenHAB enclosure

Converting a Soekris 1u rack enclosure into a RPi OpenHAB unit

My Soul is Mine

My soul is my own - do not tell me what to do with it

Outage Reports From Personal Homelab

Running a personal homelab means experiencing service outages. Here are some examples and what was learned from them.

"Shut It!" - An Arduino Door Alarm

We built a door alarm to combat "I forgot to lock the door" problem

Repurposing an Old Phone: Personal HUD Screen

Instead of throwing away old hardware, why not put it to good use as a digital "picture frame" on your wall?

Snarky Doorbell

I built a smart IoT doorbell for the office. Instead of "ding-dong", the doorbell expresses his snarky feelings with words.

DockerCon 17

Thoughts from DockerCon 17 Europe

God Knows Me

Apparently, followers of Him have mystic powers in determining facts about me

Girlfriend Puzzle

I built a small electronic puzzle for my girlfriend

Microcontrollers are Export Controlled

This item is export controlled by the United States government. By law, we are required to gather the following information from you as the importer.