Ando "David" Roots

I’ve been around and fascinated by technology computers from my early teens. What started out as a fun hobby has turned into an exciting and challenging career.

I currently work as an Security Engineer at Transferwise, helping to move money without borders and keep our customers safe. My thoughts are my own.

In my previous life, I have been a Site Reliability Engineer and a Full Stack Software Developer.

I love to learn new technologies, frameworks and better ways of doing things. I also love sharing what I know with others.

On my free time I’m a somewhat experienced improviser. I perform, teach and travel in Estonia and around festivals in Europe.

My favorite past-time for Fridays and weekends is to work on a private software or hardware project. Most of it is open sourced at GitHub. I enjoy running, orchestral music and coffee that’s done just right.

Contact: [email protected]

For job opportunities, please contact me through LinkedIn.