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Ando Roots

Security Engineer, Maker, Soldier, Improviser ( Estonian flag )

Cards Against Improvisation

A horrible game for spontaneous actors

Military Starter Kit

A Backpack of Things One Might Need as a Soldier

Serving HTTPS Web Pages With Apache and Letsencrypt

A step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a web server with HTTPS support

Securing SSH Keys

Increasing key security by storing the private key on an encrypted USB drive

April Fools: Annoying Laughter Machine

Building a simple motion-activated April Fools prank

Beware - I'll Make Your Desk Vibrate

Using a 555 timer to build a time-delayed vibrator

Chat Room Statistical Analysis

Using programming and statistics to answer questions about chatting habits

Wipe Your Phone Before Handing It Over

Mean people will violate your privacy if you don't

Office Prank: Building A Secondary Remote To A Wireless Doorbell

Attiny85 RF Transmitter Module

HipChat, Slack and Fleep Sit In A Bar...

How Often Am I Interrupted?

Analysis of Time-Tracking Data

Tracking Endomondo Users By Their Map Data

How I Know Where You Live

Military Service - A Year Later

Military Service - Month #11

May 2014

I Started An Improv Podcast

Improv Half-hour With Ando