My Soul is Mine

My soul is my own - do not tell me what to do with it

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I was stopped today by a man who wanted to know if I believe in a soul.

“Why not”, the man said, “you are alive, surely you have a soul!”

Perhaps I do - or do not; I lack data. What I know is that my soul is my own, and ain’t nobodys business to tell me what to do with it.

“Thou must believe in a higher power, a god!”, is a man, telling me what to do with it.

Live life for today. Live life for the now, not for decades in the future, for what might or might not exist, after. Enjoy what you have right now, and what you have not. Warmth. Food. An ilness. A kindness, a kiss. Friends.

Friends. Live for friends, for people who are special. Hold them in your heart, instead of a god. Do not talk to me about retribution, should I refuse to give my heart to him. A heaven, where admittance is only granted to those who worship, is a kingdom of fear, not free will. Would I want to be there?

Above all, live for yourself.

Do not stop me, for I am a man who knows himself and can make his own choices.