HipChat, Slack and Fleep Sit In A Bar...

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HipChat, Slack and Fleep sit behind the bar on a rainy September evening, each with his own drink, each with his own troubles.

HipChat sips his beer and sighs: “25 new status updates for issues opened in Jira. 60 Stash push notifications, 4 code reviews to be done, 6 failing Bamboo builds. What a day…”

Slack gulps down the last of his vodka martini and replies: “That’s nothing. The rover malfunctioned again. 8 different teams trade Word documents and status updates trying to figure out the fault. Hubot gets angry and kickbans half the managers. Nagios is having a particularly bad day and sends hourly alerts. What a day…”

Fleep orders another bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and retorts miserably: “Stop slacking, you hipsters… You guys have it easy. Try killing off all company e-mail exchange on your first month…”

* To be taken with good humor. I have no bad feelings against any of the services.