I Started An Improv Podcast

Improv Half-hour With Ando

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I’ve been a fan of podcasts for several years. While there are numerous improv podcasts out there, there’s none in Estonian due to the fact that improvisation is relatively new here. Passion and curiosity + market opportunity = new venture: I’ve started my very first podcast.

It kind of just happened: I borrowed a quality recording device, got a few improv friends together and off we went. Each episode of the podcast is about thirty minutes and features me with a panel of guests improvising a long-form show.

The podcast is called “Improv Half-hour With Ando” and can be listened from Soundcloud and liked on Facebook.

Editing audio

Doing a podcast requires time, but I feel like the investment is worth it: I get to have fun (improv is funny), participate in social situations and learn the technical aspects of editing (audio) and publishing.