Building Twitter With Kohana HMVC Framework

Workshop Overview

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These are the main steps in “Building Twitter With Kohana HMVC Framework” workshop.

1. Setting Up The Development Environment

  1. Introduction to what we are building
  2. Introduction to Kohana Framework
  3. Downloading and installing Kohana to Webroot, configuring Kohana
  4. Putting the project under VCS + GitHub
  5. Familiarizing oneself with PhpStorm

2. Baby Steps

  1. Seeing the "Hello World" message
  2. Installing the kohana-commoneer module using Composer
  3. Adding template support to the project using Twitter Bootstrap
  4. Designing the HTML form

3. Basic Interactivity

  1. Catching posted data in the controller
  2. The mocked Tweet Model
  3. Passing data to the model
  4. Indicating success / failure to the user

4. The Database

  1. Designing the Database EER with MySQL Workbench
  2. Generating the schema and creating the database
  3. Configuring Kohana to access our database
  4. Introduction to ORM
  5. Setting up the ORM model
  6. Displaying results from the database

5. If We Have Time...

  1. Refactoring existing code: why it is important and how to do it?
  2. Adding validation rules / filters / logging functions
  3. Protecting the application with the auth module

6. Finishing Up

  1. Final touches and tweaks to make everything pretty
  2. Deploy / push to github / server
  3. Thoughts and feedback

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