Give Meaningful Gifts

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Christmas and gift-giving. Nothing wrong with that… except when there is. I was wandering the stores the other day, looking for stuff to give to my close ones. I was wandering… and wondering: is this really what it is? A social responsibility to buy stuff just for buying stuff? The more [expensive], the better?

I believe in sincerity and honesty. It’s something that’s been in my mind for a while: being honest even if the truth is hurtful. Those values should reflect on my actions, buying a cheap ornament for a gift is a big no-no… yet there are not few people who do just that.

The act of giving a gift is different for every individual - for me, it’s about caring, love and altruism. Giving a gift because of what one is supposed to do is not giving a gift, it’s fulfilling an obligation. Likewise, birthdays and Christmas are not the only times one can give gifts.  True caring is expressed constantly, not during some discrete deadlines.

Give people what they need. A kind word to a lonely soul. A chocolate bar and tea when it’s cold outside. A shoulder to lean on when there is stuff to contemplate… and a friend who cares, not someone who fulfills a social contract. There are many forms of gifts, not all of them wrapped or even physical. Remember that the purpose of a gift is to make the receiver smile.

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