Reading Material For People New To PHP / Kohana

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I’ve had to refer to different PHP / Kohana related learning materials a lot recently. This post serves as the collection to some of those, mainly resources for introducing new technology and methodologies. Bear in mind that the list is very small and finite, you can find lots more from Google. I’d also recommend you to browse the Coding category for opinion / informative articles.

Stuff You Absolutely Need To Know

  1. - The Kohana Framework
  2. - A listing of existing Kohana Modules
  3.  - A lot of good ideas and rookie mistakes avoided - read this.
  4. - Dependency management for PHP and []( (the place where you find your dependencies)
  5. - Learn the PHPDoc syntax and comment your code.
  6. - As a programmer, you constantly learn new stuff. This is where you do it. And And You should browse them daily. And find more.
  7.  (or - Don't write your own CSS components. Use frameworks instead. In 95% of cases this is a good idea.
  8. - You either use Version Control or you go work somewhere alone. I will not play nice with you if you ignore VCS-s.

Stuff That Is Probably Quite Useful

  1. - Design databases in a more visual way
  2. - CSS, but more... sassy
  3. - JavaScript, but more... steamy
  4. - Unittests in PHP
  5. - Automated testing using the browser
  6. - Before deploying your next project...
  7. - Guidelines for your everyday life as a developer
  8. - List of links to tools / resources for PHP developers
  9. - Links to useful resources like CSS3 generators and page speed test tools
  10. - Lightweight and smart PHP IDE

Stuff For When You Want To Learn More

  1. - Community of Web Developers and a great resource of knowledge
  2. - Really good online and free courses. Some great CS courses available for free.
  3. - Online courses
  4. - My collection of CS-related videos