How Most Developer Recruiting Ads Look Like Nowadays

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The software development industry is full of buzz-words. It seems that the more you use them in your recruitment ads, the cooler and more tech-savvy you are.

Here’s my list of extracted “cool phrases” from Pipedrive’s “Looking for a Back-End Developer” text.

  • best sales software
  • growing at a crazy speed
  • add some nitro to our engine
  • back-end whiz
  • skills that leave people in awe
  • ongoing quest
  • most epic, innovative sales management mobile solution
  • smart, passionate, and capable software engineers
  • make an impact in the real world
  • bleeding edge technology
  • central point of integration
  • experienced engineers, devops and product managers
  • challenging, stimulating startup environment
  • work independently
  • deliver high quality code in a timely manner
  • product engagements
  • code reviews and standards and best practices enforcement
  • early adopter of powerful and fun tech
  • don’t fall into the trap of supporting legacy software
  • improve your stack
  • pay off technical debt
  • aptitude for engineering
  • competitive base pay
  • one of the coolest offices
  • next success story

That’s ~40% of the original text. I’m not saying that’s good. I’m not saying that’s bad… but looking at (and sometimes writing) those texts gets not fun after some years.

The question in my mind is: aren’t you setting yourself (both as the company [for living up to those promises] and as the candidate [gosh, I’m a shy introvert, should I even apply?]) up for really high expectations? What if I’ve already worked in a company that promised all of that and made me quit after a year to escape the legacy code, corporate ass-kicking and more?

Perhaps recruiting should be like dating: you’re more attracted not towards the one who starts jabbering away, but to the one who says a few simple lines, then listens, then responds with an honest reply.

Sorry -> Pipedrive for picking specifically on you.