Sidestepping Web Parental Controls With Sshuttle In Linux / Mac

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I was travelling in a bus with free WiFi and needed some music. My go to solution? Youtube. Surprisingly, the bus company had blocked the domain, probably to avoid freeloaders like me overloading the network.

Youtube, blocked

Since I don’t like censorship and thought streaming music (without video) to be fair use, I took it as a challenge.

Here’s how you can bypass domain blocks without a personal VPN (you should get a VPN). You’ll need…

  1. Some basic knowledge of the command line.
  2. Software: apenwarr / sshuttle (a transparent proxy server)
  3. SSH access to a remote server. Tip: lots of universities provide students with SSH accounts.

A poor mans VPN

Download and run sshuttle. The guide is in the README of the GitHub repository, but it should go somewhere along the lines of…

$ git clone
$ cd sshuttle
$ ./sshuttle --dns -r [email protected] 0/0

The --dns flag is important. Replace [email protected] with your login and server and enjoy unfiltered access.

Youtube, unblocked