Self-Lighting LED Lantern

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Finally got the components for my next practice-project, A Simple and Cheap Dark-Detecting LED Circuit by Windell.

The idea is to build a simple circuit that contains a LED and a light-sensor (amongst others). The LED lights when the sensor doesn’t receive enough light. This is awesome for LED throwbies (longer graffiti power!), but also for other uses.

I plan to make two of those: red, glowing evil eyes that turn on by themselves when you switch off the light. They are a geeky gift to my mother, who can then craft them into a cute/evil toy body. I’m thinking a rat.

Assembling the circuit was fun and made me interested in the science behind it. If only my high school physics course had been this awesome… The components I used cost about 3€; easily obtainable for a physics lab.

Led with light sensor