That's how easy it is to create Twitter with Kohana 3

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Kohana Twitter

Kohana has become my PHP framework of choice ever since I was forced to start using it about 9 months ago. Derived from CodeIgniter (interestingly enough I can't confirm that since, once again, Kohana's Wikipedia page has been deleted), Kohana has made several advancements and is now a fully capable framework I've come to love.

This article shows one of the reasons for that, namely how quick, easy and (arguably) elegant it is to create a web app from scratch using Kohana. The app we'll build is an extremely basic one, but coding it from scratch, without a framework… I don't even want to imagine.

The post is in the form of a tutorial and I'll write as if giving instructions to You.

Project Summary

We'll be building a very basic Twitter-type microblog application. The main functionalities of the site include:

  • Login
  • Making a micro-post (ie tweeting)
  • Viewing a list of past micro-posts
  • Deleting a post
  • Logging out

We'll use Twitter's own Bootstrap toolkit (hey, what the heck, we're stealing their bread anyhow, why not in guns blazing?) that does all the heavy lifting on the CSS / design part. We won't be using any Javascript since that would be a post on it's own.

Setting it all up

[To be written, as soon as I have the time]


[To be written, as soon as I have the time]


Now that you've spent some hours (it took me 3 hours to write the fully-working code you see @ github) building the app, all you need to do is hire some marketing people and travel back in time 8-or-so years - the riches await.

View the code @ GitHub