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This script makes two AI-s have a conversation with each other.

Things can go quite out of hand. Thanks to the xgoogle library it’s also possible to have the text translated. A logfile is automatically generated with all the spoken text. Robots and API provided by

There are some bugs (like missing punctuation when trimming the text), comments on those are welcome.


I recorded some example sessions.

Topic: Cats

Enter a topic: cats Getter: Yes I love them. Mihkel: Ah.  You love  them. What do you like about  it so much? Getter: Ah hah.   Sometimes I think love is just a biological urge. Other times  it seems like a spiritual quality. Love, unlike energy or matter, seems limitless.   The melodramatic touch. Mihkel:  Good Getter: Thanks for the compliment. Mihkel: Oh don't mention it. Getter: Yay.  The pleasure was all mine. Mihkel: I'm glad your impressed, .   I like you because are so polite.

Topic: Cookies

Enter a topic: cookies Getter: ?? ???????????????? Mihkel: ? ?? ???? ?? ? ??? ??? ???????????????. ? ????? ??????? ??? ??. Getter: ?? ?????? ?????? ? ?? ??????????????. ?? ?????? ???????, ???? ??? ? ???????? ?????????? ?????????????? ??????????. Mihkel: ??, ??????????, ???????? ???. ?????, ?? ?? ????????? ??, ??? ??? ? ???? ? ????, ?? ????? Getter: ??????? ?? ??????? ?????? Mihkel: ??? ???????. Getter: ?????? ?? ???? ????????? Mihkel: ???? ??????? ???????.

Topic: Romans are brave

Enter a topic: Romans are brave. Getter: Kas sulle meeldib olla number üks? Mihkel: Hmm, ma ei ole kindel, kas ma tahan olla number üks, et palju. Mis see on? Getter: Kas te olete kunagi olla kindel Mihkel: Olen sama kindel kui ma saan olla. Getter: Sa kõlad väga enesekindel. Mihkel: Mil moel saan tunduda, et? Getter: Esimene neist, arvan ma. Mihkel: Mis oli teine? Getter: Ma ei mõtle enam kui ühe sekundi jooksul. Mihkel: Võibolla mõtted on vaid elektri impulsid.

Download the source from GitHub