ATtiny85 Melody Module


The project is a tinderbox-sized PCB with a microprocessor and a piezo buzzer. When a trigger (a reed switch) is activated, a preprogrammed melody is played.

In the army, we have private Te, whose “theme song” is considered to be the theme from Mario, the video game. My evil plan is to install the device under his closet so that when he opens it, a magnet under the door moves away from the reed switch and the device activates.

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Sidestepping Web Parental Controls With Sshuttle In Linux / Mac


I was travelling in a bus with free WiFi and needed some music. My go to solution? Youtube. Surprisingly, the bus company had blocked the domain, probably to avoid freeloaders like me overloading the network.

Youtube, blocked

Since I don’t like censorship and thought streaming music (without video) to be fair use, I took it as a challenge.

Here’s how you can bypass domain blocks without a personal VPN (you should get a VPN). You’ll need… Read On…

Improvisational Theater in the Estonian Army

An improv performance to the battalion

I discovered improvisational theater a few years ago when I signed up to an introductory workshop (by Improgrupp Jaa!, then one of the two existing troupes in Estonia). That experience completely rocked my boat and I was hooked, instantly. By now I’m a somewhat-experienced improviser who tries to learn, laugh and teach whenever the opportunity presents itself.

My mandatory eleven months in the military began in July, 2013. This meant quitting my life for a while, including improv – for the first month, anyway.

The idea of starting an improv team in the barracks with a cast of soldiers came as a surprise. It was crazy, it was unheard of and it just happened.

There are no mistakes… in military hierarchy?

This just seems like a paradox doesn’t it, something that can not be: on the one hand you have strict military discipline where men are taught to stand still, be alert, fear errors and above all, be a man, on the other there’s improv where the first rule is that nothing you do is a mistake. How can those two worlds coexist?

I found that such contrast actually provides much needed release. The men still remember how to be a civilian, all you have to do is provide a safe environment where play can emerge. Then there’s only the usual barrier of getting people to relax and open up.

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The Fall of the Eleventh

Amy Pond


The Eleventh Doctor is gone.

He turned round again, arms outstretched, face calmer and more peaceful than perhaps it’d ever been.

‘We all change,’ he said softly, and it was like he was easing a great weight off his chest as he spoke. His expression took on that of a man who had so much wisdom, who had seen so much, that it was hard not to fall right there. ‘When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives, and that’s ok, that’s good, you’ve gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be!’ Read On…