Simple And Secure Identity Protection: LastPass + YubiKey


How many online accounts do you have? How many of them use the same password? Is this password a simple word like ‘Bananas123′? Thought so. Your’re screwed.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably an ‘internet person’, use many online services from banking to Facebook and let’s face it, probably have insecure passwords to most of them. After years of hearing my friends moan about…

  1. forgetting their password to a particular site
  2. having to type a long password
  3. not wanting to use a securer password since it’s too complicated to remember
  4. rejecting a semi-secure password I’ve generated for them (see #3)
  5. getting hacked

… I realized that I too, have some of those problems. Most critically, my passwords aren’t really that secure and could be brute-forced relatively quickly. In addition, I reuse my passwords (guilty).

The first step is realizing you have a problem. Time for solutions. Read On…

BoxOfWords – Arduino-Based Suggestion Generator for Improvisers

Finished Project

BoxOfWords is a hand-held, cigarette-box sized electronics project for improvisational theatre practitioners.

The purpose of the project is to offer randomized word suggestions during an improv workshop or a training session.

BoxOfWords has a memory card reader, control buttons and a small LCD screen. The improviser selects his preferred word file (emotions, locations, professions…) and can call up new randomized suggestions to the LCD screen with a press of a button.

The project was built as a present to Trent Pancy, the organizer of the Third Annual Finland International Improv Festival.

Read On…

Kiri Norde Centrumile Veebilehe Kasutatavusest



Võtan kümme minutit, et maailma paremaks muuta ja kirjutan Teile.

Leppisin sõbraga kokku, et kohtume Norde Centrumi ees. Ma ei ole Tallinnas üles kasvanud ja ei teadnud, kus Centrum asub. Otsustasin kodulehelt vaadata.

See osutus aga suhteliselt võimatuks. Saabusin kodulehele lihtsa eesmärgiga: “Leia Norde Centrumi aadress”, kuid seda pole kuskil kirjas. Esimene idee: “Kontakid” link. Tore, telefon, epost… aga kaart või jumal hoia, aadresski… ei. Lehe jaluses – samuti mitte.

Kolasin siis sihitult linkide all ringi, lootuses infokildu leida. Peale minutilist otsimist nägin “Kuidas kohale tulla“. Suurepärane! Klick – HTTP 404! (lehte ei leitud). Kurat.

Tol hetkel ütles kannatus üles, navigeerisin Google Maps lehele ja trükkisin sisse Norde Centrum. Sain hetkega soovitud informatsiooni.

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Getting Razer Naga To Play Well With Ubuntu


I have a Razer Naga gaming mouse which, unfortunately, doesn’t work well out of the box with Linux / Ubuntu. Here’s how you can remedy the problem somewhat.

Install Razer device configuration tool. The instructions are on the project page, the install is not overly difficult. This gives you the power to tinker with various mouse settings, most importantly the scan resolution (mouse cursor movement speed).

Razer device configuration tool

I also ran into a problem where the scan resolution would reset itself to 1000 each time I disconnected the mouse (including putting the system to sleep). The default udev rule installed by razercfg did not work, so I modified it to use a custom script. If you’re new to udev, read How To Write udev Rules.

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